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Trail Race Personal Best


Known Personal Best
Course Time Race Date
T 05:30:45 King of the Hills - Sai Kung Mountain Marathon (Tai Mun Shan Variatioin) 2001-10-14
T 02:48:18 King of the Hills - Sham Tseng Mountain Half Marathon 2001-02-25
T 05:25:13 King of the Hills - Lantau Mountain Marathon 2002-01-06
T 05:38:14 King of the Hills - Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon 2002-03-03
T 04:37:45 King of the Hills - Hong Kong Mountain Marathon 2002-02-03
T 04:55:45 King of the Hills - Tai Po Mountain Marathon (Plover Cove Variation) 2001-12-16
TUL 11:14:00 Phoenix Walkathon - Gold Phoenix 2002-12-07